DroneUp Selected for FAA BVLOS ARC

FAA BVLOS ARCDrone services company DroneUp has been selected to the FAA’s Aviation Rulemaking Committee to advance regulations for flight beyond visual line of sight, the FAA BVLOS ARC.

The BVLOS ARC was announced earlier this month during the FAA and AUVSI’s UAV Symposium.  The government and industry consortium will provide insight and recommendations to the FAA over the next six months.

The selection of DroneUp to the ARC follows last week’s announcement that retail giant Walmart has invested in DroneUp to advance their drone delivery program.  As they implement retail drone delivery at scale, Walmart will be a major stakeholder in the drone ecosystem. “Leveraging their expertise with UAS technology and logistics, DroneUp will assist ARC in defining performance-based regulatory requirements to standardize safe, affordable, and sustainable BVLOS drone operations at scale,” says a DroneUp press release.

John Vernon, DroneUp’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), will represent…