June 22, 2021: The FAA has rolled out a new test for all hobby pilots. You must pass this test before you fly your drone!

TRUST, The Recreational UAS Safety Test, is a free test that you can take online. TRUST is designed to educate you on best flight practices, so that you can fly your drone as a safe part of the national airspace.


TRUST can be taken from any of over a dozen test administrators, no prior knowledge is required, but always helps, and the training and test should take about 1 hour.

Do I need to take this test?

Yes! TRUST applies to all pilots that are flying for recreational purposes, no matter your age, no matter what drone you plan to fly, or where you plan to fly it (within the United States, of course.)

If you are not flying for hobby purposes, you will be deemed to be operating under Part 107 guidelines, which means you are the holder of a current Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. Bottom line, effective immediately, you are required to possess at least one…


Source: dronerush.com