Pramath Pathak may have taken only 16 trips around the sun, but his love for aviation has already made him Canada’s youngest drone pilot with an RPAS Advanced Operations certificate.

The Toronto-based high school student has been flying toy helicopters since he was a kid. He got them as gifts on birthdays and Christmas, and fell in love. By the time Pramath turned 11, he knew he needed to level up. So, he started experimenting with a Parrot drone. Soon, a DJI Phantom 3 joined the cache. And as soon as he got his Advanced Operations certification, Pramath upgraded to an Air 2S.

When asked about his favorite drone accessories, and Pramath says:

Honestly, my favorite accessories are extra batteries. With my Phantom 3 Advanced, I only got one battery because it was really expensive. But with the Air 2S, I have three batteries, and now I can fly for so much longer!

His most cherished feature on the drone, meanwhile, is the 1-inch CMOS sensor camera that shoots in 5.4K….