Sony is now fully taking the covers off its Airpeak S1 drone, which it first teased at CES 2021 in January. Today’s announcement reveals extensive details about the drone’s features and capabilities. It also unveils a $9,000 price tag, without a gimbal or camera, making it quite evident that the drone is aimed only at professional filmmakers with deep pockets.

Meanwhile, we couldn’t help but notice that Sony has built a lot of components and technology in-house, including a proprietary motor, 17-inch propellers, a flight control system, and image sensing technology.

This is a clear indicator that the Japanese conglomerate is in it for the long haul and maybe, just maybe, the Airpeak range could offer something to hobbyist drone users too in the future.

Airpeak S1: a “made in Japan” drone

Sony pitches the S1 as the “introductory” model in the Airpeak line. In a nutshell, the “made in Japan” drone integrates seamlessly with Sony’s full-size Alpha cameras…