This one will be of potential interest to commercial operators: Parrot’s growing ANAFI platform has been integrated with software that will allow fleet management and rapid scaling with apparent ease.

The news comes to us from AgEagle, a major drone solutions provider. But the news is really about an AgEagle-owned company called Measure. It’s known for its mission-planning and fleet management tool called Ground Control – which has now been integrated with Parrot’s ANAFI platform.

That’s significant.


The company is one of the pioneers in the drone world, starting out with consumer models. More recently, however, it has clearly been emphasizing Enterprise drones, which target industrial and First Responder users. Last June 30, it released the ANAFI USA, a pretty robust-looking drone clearly aimed at these markets:

The Parrot ANAFI USA carries three sensors: Two are optical and one is thermal


This company was purchased…