DJI Mavic 3 August ‘Most Likely’ Release Date

DJI rumors about new products like the upcoming Mavic 3 drone have a funny way of distracting people from what DJI is actually working on. Take the pending release of the DJI Mini SE, a re-branded upcycling of the old Mavic Mini drone:  while everyone is chasing down drone rumors about other DJI products, we get side-swiped by something we didn’t even know was in the pipeline.

But in our constant surveillance of drone rumors and leaks, there’s actually some hard data we can study to help us fine tune fact from fiction.

One of those sources is the dynamic ‘Days Since’ tracker in our Drone Buyers Guide. The tracker measures how many days it has been since a product was released, as well as the date and month of release, and how long since the previous product refresh.

It’s one thing to know that it’s been “a long time” since a DJI product was refreshed. It’s entirely another to suddenly identify a little secret that DJI has when it comes to product…