5DayDeal® has just released it’s 2021 Video Creators Bundle that includes over $2000 of tools, tutorials and resources specially curated from companies and creators you know and love for only $89!

And it also comes with an awesome $11,000 Giveaway…even if you don’t shop the deal!

If you’re capturing, editing, or uploading video content with your drone or other devices then you owe it to yourself to check out what’s in this deal.

||Learn more about the 5DayDeal® Video Creators Bundles 2021||

Each year we help to promote the 5DayDeal® for two important reasons: first, the quality of the content and resources has always been epic. Even if you only learn one thing from all the resources in the bundle it’s still worth way more than the cost.

The second reason we support the 5DayDeal® is because of the charity component. By sharing the 5DayDeal® we’re going to help raise a ton of money along the way. 10% of each bundle sold goes to the Charity Partners of the…


Source: dronereviewsandnews.com