Want a drone delivered pizza in Quito? Aerialoop can make it three

Drone delivery equipment specialist Aerialoop has developed a new payload box that not only holds three pizzas, but also improves flight efficiency to boot.

Bigger capacities on more efficient drone flights

The new Aerialoop box was created on customer specifications it hold three Papa John’s large pizzas for planned deliveries in and around Quito, Ecuador. But in addition to being able to handle the dimensions and weight of food orders flown, the payload container also had to be designed to avoid increasing drag during flight. Aerialoop rose to that challenge, and as a result, Papa John’s is offering seven- to nine-minute drone deliveries to Quito and its residential areas.

Finding the winning solution took some doing. To address the aerodynamic efficiency concern, Aerialoop’s developers decided to construct the payload box with an airfoil design based on the N-22. The objective was to provide lift enhancement while reducing its drag – and adding to landing…