You’ve heard of the UK’s Great Train Robbery, but how about the Massive UK Garden Heists? It’s a thieving spree currently creating consternation in Britain – and drones are playing part in it.

Robbers remotely case yards with drones

It may sound like a gag, but Dave Barry is not making this up. Media reports in the UK have described a crime wave targeting objects considered valuable enough to boost from the yards of English homes. In one case last year, a woman in a suburb of the northwest city Bolton reported four York flagstones had been ripped out of her back garden – a particularly painful loss of objects dating back to the house’s 1845 construction. As such, they aren’t the kind of items that can be shrugged off with a bracing cup of tea and trip down to the garden center for replacements.

A neighbor found six flagstones dug out of her yard the same night. 

Because the two spots involved weren’t visible from the street – similar to most gardens…