If you’re a fan of Parrot products, listen up: There’s something new in the pipeline, and you’ll find out what it is on June 30.

We just received word that Parrot is about to launch a new product. It will be released June 30, which is exactly a year following the release of the Anafi USA. The company has been clearly moving away from consumer products, so we’re anticipating an Enterprise-type drone.

Here’s what we know.

June 30

That’s the date. If you’re interested in signing up for the event, here’s a link to register. And here’s the announcement Parrot sent:


Well, there’s no doubt that’s what we’d call a “teaser.” The image doesn’t tell us much, though we see some familiar lines and can also theorize (like its other models) that this is a folding-style drone. Beyond that? Well, the document points out some key new features, including:

  • new comms standard
  • fully open-source app
  • cyber security…


Source: news.google.com