Man, they just keep on coming. But you know what, every single one of those drone videos emerging from Iceland are very different (or at least the ones we select for publication are). And this one? Wild.

It may seem like we’ve done our fair share of volcano posts. And, for sure, that’s true. But we don’t just grab anything and throw it up here. We try to keep our eyes out for something fresh and different. And this video truly fits that bill.

Let’s see why.

Drone hotspot

Sorry for the pun, but the volcano in Iceland has drawn photographers and adventurers from around the world. And a significant portion of the people making the trek are there to capture what they can with a drone.

And why not? You can see far more than you’ll ever see from a distant ground perspective. And, given the range of quality drones these days, you can fly from a considerable distance away without being concerned about a failed Command & Control link. (To say nothing of the noxious fumes…