Wingtra and Propeller Aero partner in 3D mapping offer

Swiss Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) drone maker Wingtra and data visualization and analysis specialist Propeller Aero are teaming up to offer a precision 3D mapping and surveying platform for industrial clients.

Ground-to-drone-to-cloud mapping

The new partners promise construction and mining customers that their service will cut the time normally required to collect survey-grade data across worksites from days or weeks to just a few hours. They say that in addition to increased speed, their tech-driven tools also provide greater accuracy and reliability than existing solutions.

Here’s how it works. Companies undertaking surveys place smart ground control units called Propeller AeroPoints around the site to be mapped. They then fly a WingtraOne drone over the area. Images taken while in flight are relayed to Propeller Aero’s cloud-based platform for fully automated geotagging and photogrammetry processing. The entire job is finished and delivered within 24…