Well, well. It seems someone has adopted their own Game of Drones. In a smash-grab, winner-takes all contest, a drone basically bashes its rival out of the sky. If you think that sounds worth watching… you’re right.

Ever been to a demolition derby? I went just once, as a kid, but it was amazing: Cars bashing each other until it’s the last vehicle standing. Of course, they were all beaters to begin with, but it was still pretty transfixing to watch the competition. Who would emerge victorious?

Picture that, only in the air.

Game of Drones

Remember Game of Drones? A number of years back, these guys were doing incredible things: Building lightweight but strong shells they would encapsulate their quads with. This was back in the day of big quads. They fly against each other until only one victor remained. I even recall seeing video of those guys shooting at their drones as if they were skeet shooting.

Unfortunately, it appears those guys have gone or re-branded. Plus,…


Source: dronedj.com