Nigerian researcher creates criminal, terrorist tracking drone

A Nigerian researcher has developed a carbon emission tracking drone he believes will prove effective in locating and arresting criminals, kidnappers, and even terrorists as they try to avoid detection in remote hiding places.

Carbon-sniffing drone sensors detect criminal hideouts

Dr. Olusola Ayoola has outfitted his drones with powerful sensors that pick up carbon-based traces left by human beings in natural settings. Because people leave carbon tracks in most things they do – including walking to or sitting around a spot – Ayoola says the Carbon Emission Detection Based Aerial Surveillance (CEDBAS) drone will become a valuable tool to police and military forces hunting down a wide range of evildoers. 

Those include terrorists hiding out in desert or mountainous areas; bandits, contraband traffickers, and kidnappers who hunker down in jungle areas; poachers in savannahs; and notorious groups like Nigeria’s Boko Haram that engage in most of those criminal acts and…