by Sayantani Sanyal

June 1, 2021



AI-driven autonomous robots are an existential threat to everyone.

The evolution of technology is attractive. AI is transforming our lives in every aspect and is becoming an integral part of industrial sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, education, politics, and others. AI is also extensively used in the defense sector to amplify the security of a country. But the aftermath of deploying autonomous ‘Killer Robots’ in the military has been not yet anticipated.

Killer Robots are automized weapon systems that can select and attack their targets without any human controls. These types of weapon systems use lethal force without any direct command from the human operator. This AI technology is implemented in different weapon systems like warships, fighter jets, and tanks.

Weaponized AI technologies form a massive part of the defense strategies of China, Russia, the US, and Isreal. The security strategies employed by these countries…