We highly doubt you’ve ever seen a drone video like this one. Well, maybe it’s possible you have. But the odds are against it. And yes, it’s cool. Very cool.

So, one of the accounts we follow on Instagram is a curated feed of cool drone videos. We’ve seen all sorts new and experimental drone vids as a result. Sometimes the feed credits its sources well, and sometimes it doesn’t. (For example, it might get a submission by someone who is already re-posting someone else’s post.)

All that, an awkward explanation of how we arrived at the source.

Shadow dancing

And that source is the account, ahem, @maneaterswimwear. There’s not much of an explanation with the post, but it’s clearly shot by drone. And while we’ve seen drone vids that really use shadows well, we’ve yet to see one that combined shadows with choreography. Not saying it doesn’t exist, but we’ve certainly never seen one before. So let’s take a look:

Even if something that looks akin to a…


Source: dronedj.com