In 2019, I discovered a photographer on Instagram who combined Milky Way photos with abandoned houses. The combination was stunning and so began my interest in the work of Toronto-based photographer, Gary Cummins. Scrolling through his feed, I fell in love with his street and drone photography as well. Reading about his process, I was surprised to learn the special way he used his drone to create his images. However, he wasn’t using his drone’s camera.

I sent Gary a DM to see if he would be open to company during one of his astro shoots. He agreed but our plan to meet never occurred. However, we did strike up an internet friendship and chatted thereafter. Once I started doing some writing for Drone DJ, I knew I’d want to feature Gary’s drone photography.

The CN Tower above the clouds. A photo that got a check-in from Transport Canada
Buildings in Hong Kong

His start with photography

Gary moved to Toronto from Waterford, Ireland in 2011 after living in Australia and…