No pilot?

No problem.

Exyn Technologies says it’s achieved the highest level of drone autonomy ever, which the company has classified at autonomy level 4A. That’s two levels short of full autonomy, but it does enable sophisticated transport, delivery, security, inspection, and research tasks, as well as new collaborative modes with other drones as well as land-based robots.

“The operator’s just giving very, very high level mission parameters to the drone and leaving it to the drone to figure out how it’s going to fly itself — not just going from point A to point B, but just figuring out how it’s going to complete the mission from there,” Exyn CEO Nader Elm told me on a recent episode of the TechFirst podcast. “We call this ‘Scoutonomy’ and we’ve just launched the first iteration of that, and that’s our Level 4A.”

Level zero, as you might expect, is a pilot flying a…