Millions of Americans are looking forward to venturing outdoors and celebrating pre-pandemic style this Memorial Day weekend. But beachgoers in Florida’s Tampa Bay area may need to be cautious and mindful, and not just because 50% of American adults are yet to be fully vaccinated against COVID.

Florida-based drone pilot Michael McCarthy, whose nature and wildlife videos are regularly featured by national and international news networks, has caught on his aerial camera algal bloom creeping up off the Indian Rocks Beach coast. McCarthy tells:

Lyngbya (blue-agree alga) and trichodesmium (sea sawdust) have shown up in the Tampa Bay area just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. It arrived at the St. Petersburg area beaches on the evening of May 24, 2021, and the line of ‘muck’ along the shore that is seen in this video extends north all the way to Clearwater, Florida. When the wind is blowing onshore, there is a distinct smell from it.