Verizon Crisis Response Team: Drones, Phones, and More

verizon crisis response

Communications giant Verizon is a global presence in communications: and in the drone industry, Verizon Skyward is a leading drone management platform.   5G, drone inspections, and drone communications make Verizon an important player in the drone industry.  For one department in the company, however, drones are being used as a critical tool for emergency response.

Within the Verizon organization is a small and dedicated team that stands ready and waiting to support law enforcement and first responders when needed.  DRONELIFE spoke with Michael Begonis, Communications Manager, and Jason Mitchell, Senior Manager of the Verizon Crisis Response Team for an inside look at how they use drones, phones, and communications tools to support public safety teams as they respond to emergencies.

The Verizon Crisis Response Team (which operates under the umbrella of the Verizon Response Team) is made up of 24 professionals – with more than 250 years of combined experience in…