Verge Aero Drone Show for Armed Forces Day

Verge Aero drone show
The Verge Aero drone show for Armed Forces Day in the U.S. showed that drone shows – and Verge Aero’s flight planning software – have reached incredible new levels of precision and complexity.

Drone shows have progressed from being an unusual fireworks alternative to being a must-have display in their own right, an art form that combines creativity with technical expertise to create stunning spectacles.  Drone shows also demonstrate the precision and complexity of formations that can be accomplished by drone fleets, as the software used to control the drones has evolved.

Last week in Georgia, the “annual ‘Thunder Over Evans’ event returned for 2021 following the relaxation of COVID restrictions, offering an opportunity for the community to come together to honor members of the armed forces,” says a press release. “Event producers were keen to go the extra mile and supplement their traditional firework display with drones, ramping up the visual spectacle using…