We popped into IG earlier today and saw a really intriguing video pass by. It had been re-posted by an aggregator/curator account. But it caught our attention enough to go back and find the source – a task that really paid off.

Instagram is a great platform for discovering new talent. If you’re following one of those accounts that re-post curated videos and photos, you can come across some real gems you might otherwise miss. And that was the case for us today. We’ve just added a follow.

And after you see this, we think you might do that, too.

Drone shots in China

China is a pretty gorgeous country if you get to the right spots. Some of the tourist highlights – which often combine beautiful vistas with mind-bending architecture – are really unforgettable. Fortunately for us, a blogger named khanjipeerwala has made visiting and capturing some of these wonders a priority. Here’s the video that first caught our attention, from the Ruyi bridge in Shenxianju, Taizhou,…


Source: dronedj.com