So you wanna be a drone manufacturer… ?

Anticipating a dramatic surge in demand for drones that established manufacturers will struggle to meet, a Connecticut-based company is offering a turnkey package allowing anyone to build and sell the craft on their own. All you need is space to set up a mini-factory.

One-stop shop for aspiring UAV entrepreneurs

Aquiline Drones has teamed up with nonprofit tech incubator MakerspaceCT to launch the kit permitting people to build commercial drones at home – or wherever they opt to set up shop. Known as the Aquiline Agile Manufacturing Pod (AMP), the package is based on a modular unit in which one to three workers use pre-manufactured components to assemble reliable, fully functional commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). 

The standard units can be set up in a day, and anywhere there’s free space and access to utilities: garages, private homes, schools, community centers, etc. The basic model comes with pre-fabricated and tested advanced interconnected electronic…