A new image surfaced today that looks pretty similar in style to some others we’ve seen in the past from DJI. It is the new Mavic 3 Pro?

We just did a major wrap-up of known and anticipated features of the forthcoming Mavic 3 Pro. It delves back into the Mavic heritage and is worth a read if you’re interested in that line and where we think it’s going. And now? A new leaked image appears to be from DJI.

Let’s take a look.

What does the Mavic 3 Pro look like?

Well, according to a drawing Tweeted by well-known DJI leaker @OsitaLV, something like this:

Okay. At first glance, it looks (obviously) clearly like a Mavic design. Let’s compare it with one of our pix of the Mavic 2 Pro:


So, a couple of things strike us as a bit odd if this is a picture of a Mavic 3 Pro. For starters, the camera seems very small. We would be anticipating another Hasselblad camera on the 3 Pro. It’s possible that they’ve pushed some of the imaging components elsewhere in the…


Source: dronedj.com