Autonomous flight specialist emerges from stealth with $25M funding

Merlin Labs CEO Matthew George is no fan of remote piloting. His eyes are set on the prize: to enable any aircraft to fly safely without a human on board. After all, no one wants a huge chunk of metal hurtling through the sky, as it would if the aircraft were to lose contact with a remote pilot.

And so Merlin Labs is developing the definitive autonomy system – both hardware and software – for all things that fly. And joining Merlin on its quest are GV (formerly Google Ventures), First Round Capital, a bunch of other investors, and their $25 million bank check. George says:

The funding is allowing us to triple the size of our engineering and certification teams, while investing in new capabilities for our partners.

New hires can expect to join a team of aerospace and robotics experts in Boston, Los Angeles, Denver, and Auckland, New Zealand. They may also get to support the certification of unique aircraft systems using modern development methods at the Mojave Air &…