ANRA platform connects all players in drone delivery chain

Integrated airspace management specialist ANRA Technologies has announced the rollout of its SmartSkies Delivery platform, which is designed to data-link all participants in drone delivery services.

Real-time data feed to all drone delivery chain actors

SmartSkies Delivery unifies the entire chain of actors in the drone delivery process through an end-to-end mobile and web-based software platform. Using that, authorized stakeholders will get real-time updates on inventory, tracking, package status, and the progress of drone-transported deliveries. Based on their level of accreditation, operational participants can also view, control, and manage their ongoing involvement in the process via the network.

The platform was developed for commercial, government, and medical use by vendors, customers, drone manufacturers, and service providers. ANRA calls SmartSkies Delivery a fully customizable data tool that can be adapted to differing delivery needs and situations. It’s…