Wing expands service of low-noise drones in booming Aussie market

Drone delivery company Wing Aviation says it is expanding service of its noise-reduced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to a second urban area in the swiftly growing Australian market.

Cutting drone noise, pitch by 50%

The move follows word earlier this month that the Google-family company began using a new, quieter drone to deliver goods to certain suburbs of Canberra. Now Wing says those craft will also go into operation around the Queensland city of Logan within the next few months. That action aims to reduce a different sort of sound that has dogged Wing’s Australian business since its inception: protests from residents about what they call the racket of overhead flights by delivery UAV.

The new drones are equipped with more rotors than the first generation – 16 total, four of which face forward. The blades used are also smaller in size. Jesse Suskin, Wing’s community affairs chief in Australia, told the Brisbane Times those modifications cut both noise…