Don’t like unfriendly drones buzzing over your property? Don’t know how to detect a malicious drone intruding in your airspace? Well, all you need to do is hop on the internet, because the world’s first cloud-based drone detection software is here to help you track down invasive, reckless drones in real time.

Airspace security company WhiteFox has launched STRATUS, a drone detection system that negates the need to install expensive hardware at each facility that requires protection. STRATUS builds on WhiteFox’s core technology that prevents drones from conducting illegal missions, such as smuggling contraband into prisons or surveilling nuclear power plants.

How does drone detection software work?

You log on to the cloud-based application and define geofences around your property. The next step is to set up a notification criterion to enable instant tracking, reporting, and logging of unsafe drone activity via a text or email message.

And that’s it. The drone…