Make Drones at Home with New Mobile Mini Manufactory

President Biden recently announced the use of drones to inspect the country’s roads, bridges, and utilities as part of his sweeping infrastructure plan.  Two innovative tech organizations have partnered to meet the need for Made in the USA drones and put all Americans back to work through at-home, commercial drone production.  Aquiline Drones (AD), a comprehensive commercial drone manufacturer and cloud solutions provider and MakerspaceCT, a non-profit tech incubator for entrepreneurs, businesses, schools and the community, are launching the innovative Aquiline Agile Manufacturing Pod (AMP), the latest addition to the world of Industry 4.0.

“The demand for millions of American-manufactured drones is dire,” said Barry Alexander, Founder and CEO of Aquiline Drones.  “Using foreign manufactured drones to inspect our nation’s critical infrastructure, exposes it to potential cybersecurity breaches.” 

Alexander explains that AMP was conceptualized by AD to de-centralize…