Look: more European drone-blasting laser tech!

Another (laser) nation heard from. After our post yesterday on efforts by the Italian military to develop drone-culling laser technologies, up steps a small French company boasting its own craft-blasting energy device that it calls nearly ready for the market.

Laser-broiled drone from 3,300 feet away

France’s Compagnie Industrielle des Lasers (CILAS) is testing a laser that has managed to pick off drones flying 30 mph from distances of up to 3,300 feet. Trials of the system were reportedly the first time a laser has been used in Europe to fry unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) right out of the sky. CILAS executives have described the unit as being at a very advanced stage of development, and almost ready to take to the market.

CILAS is part of a group of French defense and security companies working in coordination with the French military to develop tech primarily designed for armed forces, but adaptable to private clients as well. Its UAV-zapping High-energy Laser for…