For the love of drones – why we do what we do

We are asking a lot of you to just trust us when we offer our recommendations on drones. Allow us to briefly talk about what we’re doing here today. Not just today, actually, we employ the same techniques and philosophy for all of our content on the site. We want you to get the most out of your flying experience, which includes safety, value for your dollar, and accurately identifying the capabilities of each drone.

It is important that we inform you that we can make a small commission from any purchases you make from links on this site. This costs you nothing, but it helps us keep the site alive.

Hey guys, this is Jonathan Feist. As a little history, I have been an enthusiast of flight for many years. My youthful enthusiasm matured into something real when I began studying government issued aviation training material in 2007, eager to get my private pilot’s license, or better yet, to become a helicopter pilot. I flew my first real life airplane in 2009, the little Cessna you…