drone regulations in Latin America

With mining, energy, agriculture, and more target verticals represented, Latin America offers a wealth of opportunity for the commercial drone industry.  Drone regulations in Latin America are developing rapidly – but a lot of work remains, says ADP Co-Founder Daniel Conde.

Taking Latin American Drones Higher!

 By: Dawn M.K. Zoldi

Daniel Conde, Co-Founder de la Asociación de Profesionales de Drones (APD – Drones) and la Asociación de Profesionales de Pilotos (APD – Pilots) has been busy. An entrepreneur and Business Administrator with a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from the Toulouse Business School in France, he’s been passionate about drones since 2014 when he saw one for the very first time. Lately he has been working hard to bring drone technology where it is most needed in Latin America, developing programs such as the Humanitarian Drone network and the Iberoamerican Drone Conference (IDC). Here he provides an explanation of the Latin American…


Source: dronelife.com