ANRA Introduces SmartSkies DELIVERY Software Solution

drone delivery software

The growth of the drone industry can be difficult to measure: companies in hardware, sensors, accessories, security, and software development all play a part in creating the drone industry ecosystem.  The drone delivery sector is no different – recent research predicts that drone delivery will grow at a 53% CAGR over the near future, but that may be underestimating the sheer size of the ecosystem.  As regulations, public perception, and vendor participation contribute to the expansion of delivery programs, drone delivery software and tools are also developing.

Now, UTM and airspace management experts ANRA Technologies have announced SmartSkies™ DELIVERY.  (See video below.). The end-to-end mobile and web-based software solution will provide drone delivery services for commercial, government, and medical applications – connecting vendors, customers, manufacturers and drone service providers in a single solution. SmartSkies™ DELIVERY “connects all the necessary…