Italy testing drone-blasting microwaves, laser beams

The Italian military is testing the use of direct-energy beams in blasting hostile or unauthorized drones from the skies. The leading sources of those thus far are microwaves and lasers.

Italy active in drone detection, neutralization tech

Italian air force officials have gone on record acknowledging the trials, and saying use of the technology to zap offensive drones has and continues to progress rapidly. That research is underway at the air force’s unmanned aerial vehicle center of excellence at the Amendola Air Base in southern Italy. Officials have said Italy’s anti-drone tools will be demonstrated next October, when they join other North American Treaty Organization partners to put their respective experimental kinetic devices through the motions at Sardinia’s Salto di Quirra test firing range.

Members of Italy’s military and defense sector have become active in developing drone-related technologies. The Leonardo group supplies Italian and British forces…