Unmanned aerial system service specialist, DroneSense has introduced mobile streaming and asset management capabilities to its interface platform. The company says the features will be of particular value to first responders in emergency situations.

Real-time emergency data feed

DroneSense called the new applications “absolute game-changers” in heightening the safety and efficiency of reaction to urgent events or disaster scenarios. Together, the functions will allow authorized responders to remotely livestream and analyze unfolding emergencies, and get precise information on the identities and locations of human and mechanical actors involved.

That fuller range of situational data will be available to all authorized parties involved in, managing, or speeding to emergencies, noted DroneSense SEO Chris Eyhorn.

Mobile Streaming and Asset Tracking are absolute game-changers for first responders. We designed these features with the needs of first responders in mind,…


Source: dronedj.com