Even the best new ideas can be pushed too far. That may be the case with at least one concept for a futuristic drone hotel.

Driftscape drone hotel (literally)

Since drone hotels don’t exist yet, it’s impossible to claim there’s a right or wrong definition of what they’ll be. Generally speaking, however, one imagines they’ll combine the usual temporary residential and service amenities of today’s hotels with immediate, on-site access to future Urban Air Mobility transportation. That would represent an ideal solution for business people and tourists needing to get to and from places around the host city, using their hotel as HQ

The creative, indeed visionary proposal of architectural firm Hok is that the drone is the room. And you won’t need to leave it because it will be taking you to wherever you want to go. 

Hok calls the concept Driftscape: a modular hotel with central facilities (bar, restaurant, lobby, etc.) used as a hub for flying glass pods….


Source: dronedj.com