To Catch a Drone: DroneShield, Zenith AeroTech Partner

tethered drone to catch a drone cUASIt takes a drone to catch a drone.  Counter UAS solutions provider DroneShield will use tethered drones from Zenith AeroTech for drone detection.

The first part of DroneShield’s “Detect. Assess. Respond,” system requires good drone detection – and a new partnership with Zenith AeroTech offers a better way to do it, by putting drone detection equipment on a tethered drone.“By putting a detection capability on a TAV, which typically flies at 400 feet, you get better range than if you were to have these systems on a pole or ground vehicle,” said Kutlay Kaya, CEO of Zenith Aerotech. “Also, your alerts will be more accurate because, at elevation, you’ve eliminated clutter.” Zenith AeroTech will incorporate DroneShield’s DroneSentry-C2TM command-and-control ecosystem into its family of tethered UAVs (TAVs,) along with an Echodyne EchoFlight radar, to counter drone or drone swarm attacks.

The Zenith tethered drones can fly for hours or days at a time: Zenith’s…