Here’s how to grease your FPV quadcopter to make it fly better

As FPV pilots we spend a lot of time building and tuning our drones. There are various tricks to get a quadcopter to fly super smoothly, from soft mounting to RPM filtering, but there’s a new trick on the block.

Quadcopters are basically flying vibration machines. Over the past few years the code (firmware) that runs our quads has vastly improved. You can pretty much make anything fly nowadays by slapping four motors on it and using a flight controller. Granted, not everything will fly well. To do that you need a combination of things. First, you need a nice stiff frame that carries the least amount of vibration from your motors, down the arms and into the flight controller. Second, you need twisted wires, good capacitors, good (i.e. not busted up) motors, and some filter/PID tuning. Some builds will fly great on a stock tune, and even better with a tweaked one.

With all that in mind, the FPV community is always trying to figure out how to make tuning easier and how to…