FBI hunting souped-up drone that air-trolled a border patrol chopper

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is actively hunting the pilot of a drone that buzzed a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) helicopter in Tucson, Arizona. Once it did, the night-flying, clearly steroid-amped craft racked up a laundry list of other infractions before it suddenly, maddeningly vanished.

Mega-power UAV collects multiple FAA violations

The FBI revealed the Feb. 9 incident on May 20. In doing so, it said a CBP chopper reported being closely dogged by a “high-powered” unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). That description was an understatement. In reports by Tucson TV station KOLD, FBI officials said the “heavily modified” drone ascended up to 14,000 feet and “orbited” the helicopter several times. When the CBP turned the tables and pursed, the UAV led the copter on a circuitous, hour-long chase over a 70-mile range at speeds of over 100 mph. It then it disappeared. 

While fleeing its CBP stalker, the drone violated airspace restrictions…