White Fox cUAS drone threatsNew Counter -UAS technology from White Fox could help lift the cloud of criminal and terrorist drone threats that hovers over the U.S. and the entire global commercial drone industry.

Lifting the Cloud of Drone Threats in the Homeland – STRATUS

 By: Dawn M.K. Zoldi (Colonel, USAF Ret.)

 Perception often aligns with reality. For the drone industry, turning the tide of public perception remains a challenge. Safety, privacy, and security top the list of drone-related concerns for the average citizen. Rightfully so. Careless, clueless, and criminal operators operate their drones in a manner that impacts all of these areas, from taking surreptitious pictures to damaging property to the most extreme outcome, causing death.

 The first step to address potential drone threats, and allay fears, is detection. Until now, no one product could seamlessly provide comprehensive awareness for those charged to protect us in the homeland. The global leader in airspace security,…


Source: dronelife.com