DJI job cuts drone accidents

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) wants to change the definition of drone accidents, or “unmanned aircraft accident” in order to encompass smaller commercial drones operating in higher risk environments.

Currently, pilots flying under Part 107 are asked to report drone accidents to the FAA within 10 days if an accident meets the definition of 14 CFR 107.9, and involves:

 (1) serious injury to any person or any loss of consciousness; or (2) damage to property (other than the unmanned aircraft) unless “the cost of repair (including labor and materials) does not exceed $500, or the fair market value of the property does not exceed $500 in the event of a total loss.”

Reporting to the NTSB is currently required when the accident results in death or “serious injury,” or when the drone weighs more than 300 pounds and has sustained substantial damage.  Now, the NTSB seeks to revise that definition to reflect the current drone industry.  As the FAA moves…