New Update in Drone Technology

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or drones are used to carry out a number of tasks. They are widely used for aerial photography, mapping purposes, search and rescue operations, agricultural, shipping, law enforcement and many other things. Drones can get many things done but have certain limitations.

Video Credits: Falanga et al., Sci. Robot. 5, eaaz9712 (2020)

When a drone is moving quickly, avoiding any obstacles in the way can be very difficult. Most drones and many other flying robots are equipped with cameras capable of detecting obstacles, it usually takes drone 20 to 40 milliseconds to process an image and react to it.

In any other circumstances this might seem like a small amount of time but when a drone is flying at a high speed, this amount of time is inadequate to avoid crashing into another drone or a bird or any other obstacle for that matter. This can be a major problem when drones are used in unpredictable situations or when there are many drones flying in the…