Fixed-Wing or Rotary: Which is Better?

Drones are a key market that impacts many different aspects of industry and commercial use cases. IDTechEx’s new report covers the hardware, software, sensors, and use cases for this key industry in “Drone Market and Industries 2021-2041”. The report forecasts that drone hardware sales alone will contribute $8.9Bn by 2031, and in total the entire drone market will be over $22Bn by 2041.


Drone companies typically fall into one of two categories: Fixed-wing or Rotary drones. These drones typically also have different use cases. Fixed-wing drones require a take-off and landing zone and are used in long-distance flights as they typically have longer flight times. On the other hand, rotary drones are used in cases where more maneuverability is required, for example, for inspection of infrastructure.


Different drones have different applications. Rotary drones are typically more efficient for smaller drone sizes due to their design. With four fixed-pitch props, there are few moving…