Ninja Drone Vortex 9: big tech bang for a small drone (and price)

For neophytes looking to wade into the drone piloting experience, the Ninja Dragon Vortex 9 RC Quadcopter may be an ideal way of taking the plunge. The palm-size unit packs outsize application range, and at a price that won’t put aspiring fliers off before they even begin.

The mini-drone…

The Ninja Dragon is obviously not going to satisfy the appetite of seasoned pilots who demand an ever wider, increasingly powerful array of apps – and are willing to pay for that combo. But the bite-size drone does represent a nifty intro-unit for the uninitiated (and a reasonably slick option for occasional fliers wanting impressive footage to impress friends and social media follower with).

And while the flying squirt (1.4″H x 4.9″L x 2.3″W) costs up to $169 at full cost, there are a few online outfits selling them for between $79.99 to just under $100. Hard to go too wrong with prices like those.

… with (relatively) maxi-apps

What comes with that modest investment is…