Mars drone developer now wants to build open-source drones on Earth

Switzerland-based maxon, whose precision systems are enabling NASA’s Ingenuity drone and Perseverance rover to explore Mars, is joining forces with open-source drone platform company Auterion.

The collaboration is being formed for the benefit of enterprise and government drone customers. Between Auterion’s drone avionics module Skynode and maxon’s trusty BLDC motors, electronic speed controllers, and matching propellers, commercial and industrial drones can be expected to deliver impressive energy efficiency, flexibility, safety, and performance.

Both maxon and Auterion hope that a joint offering of their collective know-how will make commercial drone operation and fleet management dramatically easy for enterprise and government customers, and bring down the development costs. The companies plan to explore long-term opportunities around propulsion systems, autopilot communication, data sharing, and real-time monitoring.

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