Draganfly, a longstanding player in the drone industry that has been on our radar for its “pandemic drone” and stadium disinfection services, is ready to add a new solution to its COVID-19 relief portfolio: drone delivery of the novel coronavirus vaccines.

Starting next month, Canada-based Draganfly will start delivering COVID-19 vaccines to the rural and remote areas of Texas using drones. The service is being made possible through a partnership with Coldchain Delivery Systems, a medical and vaccine supply chain management company to the US government.

Overall, a five-phase rollout has been planned for the comprehensive development, deployment, and operation of a medical drone delivery service in the United States.

Coldchain has earmarked a budget of $750,000 for the first two phases, out of which $625,000 will be spent on procuring Draganfly’s drone equipment as well as autopilot and flight management services. The drone manufacturer has been developing a robust


Source: dronedj.com