African drone regulations

image courtesy African Drone Forum

Africa is leading the way on widescale drone delivery: commercial drone applications for mining and other heavy industry are on the rise.  African drone regulations are developing rapidly to support the continent’s growing drone industry.

Big Things on the Big Continent –  African Drones

By: Dawn M.K. Zoldi, Contributor

Drone deliveries in Africa have made headlines and saved lives. Zipline, with apparent ease, has flown its drones almost one million miles to transport almost 800,000 medical supplies and products including blood, vaccines and medications in both Ghana and Rwanda. How easy is it to operate in Africa? Three trailblazing experts explain the state of regulations in Africa and project what we may see in the future of drone regulations there. Its not as simple as one might think. 

Denise Soesilo, a Women and Drones Woman to Watch 2020 leadership award recipient, has been working with the African Drone Forum (ADF), a…