Review of HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro drone

The HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro looks like a Furious Angry Bird and flies like a SpaceX rocket. Beginning with my first flight test I was impressed with the flight performance of this little Thootpick style 3″ FPV drone.

In a nutshell, a “Toothpick” is a very lightweight micro FPV drone, usually under 100 grams and without a battery. They are powered by small 2S and 4S LiPo packs and run with 2.5-3″ propellers. Toothpicks are small but powerful quadcopters meant for serious acro outside, in limited spaces (like backyards), where larger drones would be clumsy. Commonly, their take-off weight remains under 250 grams and can be flown legally without special registration in most countries.

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Compared to its predecessor (non ‘X’ Petrel 120Pro), it has a redesigned frame, improved hardware, a better FPV camera, and 3″ props instead of 2.5″ ones.


HGLRC Petrel 120x Pro hands-on review

Disclosure: I received this 3″ ripper as part…