Hamas’ Mohammed Deif Tries to Surprise Israel with Booby-Trapped Suicide Drones

Hamas unveils its Shehab drone (Hamas video screenshot)

Hamas’ military wing began using unmanned aircraft filled with explosives to surprise Israel and secure military achievements.

So far, the IDF has thwarted all attempts to hit Israel with these suicide drones, but Hamas is trying to get its hands on the more sophisticated drones used with deadly efficiency by the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Muhammad Deif, Hamas’ chief of staff, may be frustrated that he failed to surprise Israel at the beginning of the current campaign. His secret plan to infiltrate several dozen Hamas terrorists from the elite “Nokhba” force into Israel through invasion tunnels was discovered in advance by Israeli intelligence. The IDF bombed the tunnels, killed some of the terrorists, and others were trapped inside the collapsed…


Source: jcpa.org