Canadian Unmanned Traffic Management and fleet management company AirMarket, in partnership with mobility and IT Company Telus, have carried out a successful live demonstration of a system designed to safely operate multiple drones for surveillance, infrastructure monitoring, and more.

For drones to be operated at scale, you need a few things going for you. You’ve got to have reliable software to control those Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS is the Canadian term for drone). You require some form of Unmanned Traffic Management, or UTM, to ensure your fleet is aware in real time of the position of any manned aircraft near its mission path. And you need the ability to capture and analyze actionable data.

That’s a lot of stuff. AirMarket Inc. believes the solution lays with its Skylink solution.

Drones at scale

We’ve all seen the power of a single drone. We’ve also seen, despite their capabilities, that there are limitations to what a single operator can do…